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Giveaway ends 11/30 at 11:59PM. (I’m hoping to get you the prizes by Christmas, but no promises!)

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P.S. I’ll choose one person who likes this post to win a commission from the remaining artist (after the three winners have chosen theirs). :)


whATS ThiSDS??

thanks for 1000+ followers holy shit

last time i did a giveaway it was for like 150 followers two years ago i think… dangarang. well YEah so im here for anoyher one and its BIGGER and BETER

i will be giving away ONE (1) figurine $75 or under

literally any one. if you can find it on ebay or a website that sells them for $75 or less (shipping not included) it is all yours


  • you dont have to be following me but followers get an extra entry and just look at my blog at least im really cool
  • one like one reblog thats it thats all
  • no giveaway blogs i will check
  • must have your askbox/submit open so i can contact you
  • followers will get a little extra something like maybe a wig or contacts and some drawings too idk
  • giveaway ends december 3rd when i get back from vacation
  • giveaway winners will not be announced publicly unless given permission

thats it bros let ‘er rip

How to be classy in three easy steps:
Can I ask myself a question? o.e;

Apparently I can.

*being dumb* xD


Rue’s Whistle Song (Full Orchestra) - The Hunger Games [x]

Rue TwT <3


I was so excited to put together this giveaway! My life has really sucked lately and there have been times when I’ve received more support on Tumblr than I have from anyone else in my life. I mean, I’m not trying to sound like a selfless angel because obviously giveaways benefit the host as well, but I really just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone who has ever sent me an encouraging message. You have no idea how much they’ve helped me. So, thank you very much. :)


- 2 bottles of Calpico! Strawberry & White Peach!

- 1 box of Panda pocky

- 1 bag of Strawberry Shortcake KitKats

- 1 box of Every Burger hamburger cookies

- 1 bag of strawberry Aero chocolates

- 1 box of Panda chocolate cookies

- 1 bag of strawberry chocolates

- a Rilakkuma folder

- a Disney themed ice cream cone pen

- a squishy Rilakkuma donut keychain/cell phone strap

- a box of Little Twin Stars rement

- a sheet of puffy stickers (okay these are so cute I want to keep them omg)

- 2 BUTTONS (not pins!), one cupcake and one donut

- 1 pastel Sugar bubbles pencil box

- 3 Rilakkuma pencils

- 3 Japanese dessert erasers

- 1 pack of 5 glittery Nyanko pencil toppers

- 1 roll of cupcake/bow deco tape


This contest is open to my international readers as well! :D

- Follow me,

- Reblog as often or as little as you want! Likes don’t count.

- Winner will be picked randomly through

- Contest closes April 30th, 2012!

Good luck! <3


… D-do boobs count? :D;;


Hewwo o.o..

Yeah, trying to figure out how all this works so maybe I’ll actually use it lol c:



includes; Rarity matte print, an assortment of pony stickers (MLP, littlest petshop, and other ponies), 1 Rainbow Dash keychain, 1 Twilight Sparkle keychain, 1 mini pony painting (you choose any pony you want!)

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♥ Giveaway ends April 8th (easter)